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assault lily is about a "post-apocalyptic" world where there are these things called huges which are strangely organic robotic monsters that terrorize humanity. but with most anime, the only people who can fight them are special teenage girls called Lilies, who are educated at a school called a garden. they use impractically big weapons called C.H.A.R.M.S "combat huge arms" that use their magie to beat the shit out of the huges. it sounds ridiculous i know (it is). it was originally a doll line made into an anime and stage play franchise, it even has a mobile game. i watched the anime while it was airing and it was really good to me but when do i ever use critical thinking. but the girls fighting is only half the focus of the show. the other half is the gayness. yeah, the entire franchise is a play on yuri, which is lily in english. if you dont know what yuri is my castle is not for you. the main characters names are yuyu and riri, and they are canonically shipped with the name "yuri". spoilers, but a character named yuri pops up. i cant tell you anything about her without spoilers though. but it's not like any explicit romance happens it's the usual pseudo-catholic school vibe with a reserved older student with a mysterious past taking an outgoing freshman under her wing. tried and true. this company should pay me for the advertisement i do. there are other legions besides from the anime characters but i do not care about them.

what's a shrine? i just want you to watch assault lily. please its not good but it is.