THE ELISE ROUND TABLE. any comments about the site or just wanna say hi?
18 + white + they
welcome to the bedroom of princess elise. make yourself comfortable.

princess elise is a nonbinary college student who often indulges in thinking they are greater than they actually are. they are obsessed with many different medias which is what this site is mostly dedicated to.

fave food: pasta with meat and cheese sauce
fave album: a flair for the dramatic by pierce the veil
fave movie: puss in boots the lost wish
fun facts: they have four guinea pigs, and a dog and cat. they may also be called a prince, or by the name justin. they are currently in college so updates to their website will be slow and sporadic
animeplanet- tumblr- neocities profile- closet

princess elise does not always speak in third person, this is mostly just for the front pages of this site where they'd like to be more formal. you can find elise's interests here, but for a brief summary they love idol games, korean webnovels, kpop, and vtubers. they are autistic over many different things, and hope you are too.
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