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welcome to the blog! elise writes silly long stuff here. it will usually be lists of things elise likes and wants you to like, or the ramblings of a madman.

potential blog posts: why elise hates vtuber culture, elise's fave villainess isekai reads, elise hates eyestrain-y flashing websites, rating every pierce the veil song, etc. i complain, or i shove things in your face!

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-blog number one: elise's lgbt manga picks

welcome to elise's first blog/writeup! elise likes to be opinionated and share things they like despite having issues articulating their thoughts, so here's their lgbt manga picks. these aren't rated on good representation, they're more just things they like teehee!

no. 1: bloom into you

bloom into you is my all-time favorite on this list for so many reasons. one, its lesbians, two, i like lesbians, etc etc. i cant put it into words because i hate sounding cheesy, but this series is very important to me! here's the plot: a high school girl, yuu, gets confessed to by a guy she knew back in middle school. she doesnt know how to respond, so she asks her upperclassman at the student council for advice, touko. yuu expresses how shes not sure if she'll ever fall in love like the shoujo manga she reads, and touko confesses to her on the spot. yuu doesn't reciprocate immediately because, again, she doesn't feel love yet, but she allows touko to do couple things with her. and of course yuu eventually falls in love too. this manga portrays so many things fantastically, like loss, unrequited love, sibling relationships, etc. i loooove the anime too. this is entry level yuri stuff. if you have not seen bloom into you you are not a yuri fan. yes i make the rules! finally yuri without catholicism. mangadex link you can find it on whatever anime site you prefer. ive rewatched it like 3 times. after you're done with the manga and anime read the light novels about sayaka. she gets a gf too dont worry about her

no. 2: sasaki and miyano

after lesbians we have gay men. equality. anyway sasamiya was all the rage last year so youve prob heard of it before! its super cute, light, and "fluffy". like cotton candy for your brain. the plot is simplifired as such: an upperclassman falls in love with a fudanshi underclassman. theres other plot points but thats the bare minimum. its very cute and its always a comforting watch. the fudanshi parts are just funny, because my guy became the thing he fetishizes. bro you are in a bl. and fudanshis are just a funny group in general. theres tons of bl jokes, the series is one big bl joke turned wholesome. the side characters are great too, not to mention the main characters. just great watch/read if you need a pick me up! mangadex link and the animes cute as well!

no. 3: love me for who i am

now we're getting to the t part of lgbt. if you want a realistic story that deals with both transphobia and homophobia, then read this. its a wonderful story about a nonbinary teen and their boyfriend along with their friends at a maid cafe. its heavier than the first two series on this list, theres a much more prevalent plot of the pain that comes with being lgbt, but also the joy! trigger warnings for dysphoria, self harm, disapproving parents, and the like. it is such a beautiful story that doesnt shy away from the hard parts of being lgbt. its just so good. i should reread it again i miss mogumo mangadex link

no. 4: kieta hatsukoi

how do i even explain this one. ok so the protag has a crush on this girl. the girl drops her eraser with the name of her crush written on it. another guy picks it up and thinks it belongs to the protag, and that the name on it is his. misunderstandings ensue. its delightful even though there was a huge fucking fakeout near the end that aggravated me but its ok bc it all turned out fine. cant go wrong with a wholesome high school romance! theres also a drama adaptation that i havent watched but i assume its just as good as the source, ive heard good things! mangadex link. aka faded first love or my love mix up

no. 5: blue flag

here we have another somewhat angsty work. its focus isnt lgbt romance itself, its more of one element in the plot. its mostly a wonderful portrayal of growing up and finding the path for your future. i wouldnt read it just for gay romance, that would take your focus away from the whole of the plot. just go read, its pretty sad but with a happy ending as usual.♡ i dont have too much to say about it, since its mostly on here to take up space for the next one on this list so i could make a joke...

no. 6: no. 6

I THINK IM REALLY FUNNY. anyway, this is the only "unrealistic" entry on this list. everything before this was some fluffy school romance, no. 6 is far from that. its about a futuristic/dystopian city called "no. 6". an upper class gifted kid fatefully saves an escaped prisoner one stormy night. this changes his life forever. since this is set in a dystopian world, there are many trigger warnings. death of course, bugs, blood, some sexual violence, mass murder, you can get the gist. ive only seen the anime but ive heard the manga and novels are much better. its such a wonderful story and im so happy it exists. does your gay couple try to overthrow the government? i didnt think so.

and that's a wrap! please enjoy these select titles for pride month!

stay tuned for more blogs and recc lists like these! elise reads way too much!