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welcome to this shelf of the library! this is the DEBUT OR DIE page!

PLOT: a man named ryu gunwoo passes out one day and wakes up in the body of park moondae next to a suicide note three years in the past. he is immediately given a mission from "the system" to debut as a kpop idol within a year, or he will die. that's where the title comes from. since he has a bit of future knowledge, he enters in a survival show, like produce 101 but somehow worse. he eventually successfully debuts as a lead vocalist, but thats not where his story ends. the system keeps giving him weird missions, so you follow him throughout his career with his group, every comeback, every fansigning, every concert is detailed. also with a lot of online arguments/comments because moondae is unhealthily obsessed with him and his groups reputation.

TWS: some crazy shit happens though so be prepared. suicide of course, mental health issues (moondaes ptsd is detailed), kidnapping, anxiety attacks, etc. dont go into it thinking its a fluffy happy story because yes it is on an upward trend but moondae goes through the full spectrum of human experience several times per year.


top row left to right: kim raebin, cha yujin, and keun sejin. bottom row left to right: ryu cheongwoo, bae sejin, park moondae, and seon ahyeon.
a quick bio about each character:

park moondae: previously 29, reborn as 20. he was an information dealer (took photos/knew stuff abt idols) in his past life so he uses that to his advantage. he's an orphan had no connections from his past life, but he makes new friends and adversaries during the story. he's so mentally ill i love him. he usually doesn't express too much emotion, and is compared to a tibetan fox (or puppy) by fans. (look that animal up theyre so silly)

seon ahyeon:this boy can fit so much anxiety in him. he is a professional dancer but occasionally loses confidence due to his anxiety and being bullied in the past. compared to a deer by fans.

keun (lee) sejin: keun sejin is just his nickname since there's another sejin who had the same last name in the group. keun means big so hes big sejin. he's usually a peppy and extroverted guy, but has his serious moments. compared to a bear by fans.

bae sejin: originally lee sejin, ended up changing his last name. you'll find out why if you read. he is a child actor and was forced to go on the idol show by his company, but he doesn't regret it. he may be a poor dancer, but he tries his best. compared to a hamster by fans. the oldest in the group.

kim raebin: one autistic boy. it's so wonderful. hes the youngest, and he's the composer for the group with a lot of skill. he is a nice silly guy and very serious about what he does. compared to a bunny by fans.

cha yujin: every kpop group these days has a member from america, hes hispanic and korean american. his american style name is eugene. he is super energetic and talented. compared to a cat by fans.

ryu chungwoo: the leader of testar. a former athlete on the national archery team who retired after an injury. is the original moondae(ryu gunwoo)s cousin. compared to an eagle or wolf by fans.

i am unhealthily attached to all of these characters. they make me want to bash my head into a wall. please read debut or die. the comic and novel are on tapas but you could easily read them for free on bato.to or readhive.