enna alouette is a chinese-canadian vtuber affiliated with nijisanji en's third wave ethyria. she is a talented singer, as well as a streamer. she is blunt, mischievous, and has a short temper, quick to start swearing without remorse. her humor is quite dark, but she often has good advice for those around her. she is best friends with millie parfait, elira pendora, and kyo kaneko, all of whom are also in nijisanji en. she often streams games, zatsudans, karaoke, and handcams where she can be found cooking/baking or doing crafts.
i love enna alouette so fucking much you dont even know. kamioshi forever and ever. i love her more than you. platonically of course i respect her. if she wanted me to be parasocial i would sign up so fast though. enna dm me
facts about enna alouette:

-she speaks english (which she primarily streams in), mandarin, and some french and japanese.

-some consider her catchphrase to be "fucking bitch", as its one of the most common swears she says

-she is terrified of birds despite her design and lore being closely associated with them

-she has been best friends with millie parfait, who she affectionately calls babu, and elira pendora long before they all joined nijisanji

-she is incredibly cynical, and insults her friends as a form of expressing affection.
enna's lore

vtuber lore is often something just for the debut, and never expanded upon afterwards. its the same for enna. she often breaks the "fourth wall" and addresses having a different real self/face other than her avatar which isnt very common for corporate vtubers, but she has lore nonetheless.

she has a wonderful lore video but i shall just describe it to you. enna was once a jaded human who got sent to hell for her misdeeds, but she thrived in hell with mischief. while in hell, she met millie who taught her about the human world, and they did drugs and caused chaos together. enna was then reassigned to atone with community service in heaven instead. she is tasked with singing to heal the hearts of humans with her angelic singing voice. she has the form of a bird angel, which enna believes is karmic retribution since she's afraid of birds.