Pink Strawberry

haiii welcome to the hononico zone!

for the past few years hononico has been my favorite ship for no identifiable reason. maybe i like enemies to lovers (if you can even consider them that) or i just like the lesbian flag colors. im drawn to them in some weird way that i can't explain. except that i think they are gay. AQUARIUMS ARE FOR THE LESBIANS. thats a factual statement. every lesbian couple has gone to the aquarium. and you know who else went to the aquarium? these bitches!! since i am best at drawing girls they have been my muses (badum tsh) for many a drawing since middle school. they are gay even though they dont know it. they shared a bed, shared the inherently gay experience of being an idol, shared a DREAM. but im not here to get deep, i never am, im just here to be insane.

reasons you should ship hononico: the color combo of lesbian realness, enemies to lovers i guess, strawberries, butch femme realness (in my minds eye honoka is butch and nicos femme but thats real), do it for me, imagine honoka hanging out with nicos siblings shed have so much fun, etc etc i love them. ill put art ive done for them here later theres a lot and more to come. theyre muscle memory