Elise's Royal Castle! ♡

Honoka and Nico Yazawa welcome you to princess elise's love live focused page! Here you'll find their love for love live on display! as you may be able to guess they're a diehard nico fan teehee

i have been a fan of love live for many years, since i was in middle school. sunshine was my first, with riko as my first best girl. i started to play the game, carefully avoiding the muse section. but, then i learned about a character named nico yazawa from the first incarnation of the show. and what? she shared the same birthday as me?! yes, this princess' birthday is july 22nd. i tend to celebrate nico's birthday more than my own. she's just better than me. and it was all downhill from there!

hopefully this corner of my castle will convey my love and maybe even gratitude towards the love live franchise. ive been a fan for a very long time so maybe i'll have some wisdom to impart. my number one best girl is nico, but kasumi is a nice second. i love girls who aren't afraid to throw an elbow.