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MIDOSHINO is the ship of Midori Takamine and Shinobu Sengoku from Ensemble Stars.
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in my personal academic opion, these bitches gay. and i'm right. i always will be bc i am the self appointed ceo of midoshino.
lets present evidence first. here are some of my favorite quotes from them!

DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND?? do you understand meeeee

GAY AS HELL! just read strawberry colored holiday and then you will be enlightened.

don't even get me started on my own thoughts about them, because i think when i ship its cringe. so i will only say silly things to dodge the cringe.

i dont think midori and shinobu could ever get together without outside intervention. if midori discovered he had feelings for shinobu, he would want to die even more. if shinobu discovered he had feelings for midori, he would never be able to speak to him again out of nerves. tetora would need to intervene and talk to them both and then facepalm very hard bc theyre stupid.

they are both very mentally ill, with midori having depression and shinobu having anxiety. they can make each other better i think. like in the sc above, shinobu wants to become stronger so midori is no longer suicidal. shinobu is soothed when he's with midori, and midori is soothed when he's with shinobu. he compares him to one of his yuru characters, which is just calling him cute. they make me really really happy and are my fave enstars characters. they are always on my homescreen no matter what. i miss my jp acc i had dollhouse midori and feature scout shinobu and would play with them like dolls in the mvs. especially trap for you, that was really silly. because shinobu is so short, you can actually see him being raised slightly to align with midori for the kiss.
like there's no way they're able to do the choreo without divine intervention. everytime he performs with midori shinobu needs to wear moon boots. they have like a 10 cm height diff. can't kiss your tall boyfriend? simply jump up and try your best to kiss him gently without making both of you fall over.
shinobu: "my boyfriends too tall how do i kiss him?" tetora: "punch him in the gut and kiss him when he bends over." midori: "no! just ask me to lean down!" (its rlly funny that shinobu is older than midori yet theres such a height diff)

more silly stuff:

shinobu: i miss you so much these days~ are you done with your activities? midori: yeah, i miss you too.. i need some healing...

that's my art!

the elise list of midoshino required reading

since the purge of the wiki, enstars translations are very hard to find. you have to scour the internet, but luckily i've found a few translators. my favorite translator is very ryuseitai focused, 310mc on github. they have translations for almost every ryuseitai story, both ! and !!. also for translations, you can use the wayback machine to look back at when translations were still there.