Midori is a tall young man with a good build. His hair is light brown, short, and slightly tousled. His eyes are a light blue, aqua color. He wears the school's uniform with white shirt unbuttoned at the collar and a blue tie, together with a black button-up sweater under the school's blazer, which is left unbuttoned. He wears green sneakers with white accents and laces.
i love midori

do you love midori too. i bet you do. *slaps his head* this boy can fit so much mental illness in him.

midori takamine is a character from ensemble stars, a game about idols. he is a second year in the group ryuseitai. he became an idol accidentally, but is now trying his best. he has a very pessimistic attitude, and constantly talks about killing himself, but he's trying his best! his emotional support is mascot characters, he especially likes ugly-cute ones.

i hate being reflective upon what characters mean to me, but midori means soo much to me. as someone who has struggled with mental health, he is my little blorbo. him going along with things and trying his best makes me want to try my best too. i'd die if i had to play basketball though. basketball basketball we love basketball its the best game we play everyday its my bouncy ball its your bouncy ball yeah its my bouncy ball pretty little basketball my feet are so raw raw feet my ears are scared and the baby ostriches call at night it makes you feel like you know karate yes sensei kicking your friend dont kick em but why must i dance yeah this is my dance gear in the gym in the gym this is my best dance and i can do this now now i gotta clean my teeth and get some sleep and then we take the shot!

the gallery of my fave midori cards

the midori event happened. i was on vacation the entire time so i didn't get to play as much as i wanted, but i unlocked all the story. i screenshotted each individual text box and put them all into google translate. it kinda sucked since i couldnt understand anything kanata was saying, but the story is now translated by my fave translator and i need to finish reading that. i love midori. i consider myself a scholar on him, so here's my official reading list of stories important to midori.

many wonderful ryuseitai stories are translated by 310mc and on their website. this means there's lots of midori centric ones! yay!
in my opinion, the single most !-era important story to understanding midori is climax. it is the quintessential midori story. it lays bare his inner thoughts, and he grows as a person and a member of ryuseitai. it has the quite famous cg of him crying and screaming on the ground. "so please, let me be by your sides. even if this is only a dream, i don't wanna wake up from it yet."
other important !-era stories pertaining to midori are school festival 4 and zodiac. i just think zodiac is silly though and i like it. midori thinks chiaki turned into a dog and gets chased by keito.

!!-era stories that are important to midori are ring (on the en server), comet show which is a perfect example of midori's gained independence from the now graduated third years (i think its the second most important midori story plot wise) and has the quote "the morisawa right now feels like a father who doesn't know how to repair the problematic relationship with his daughter... i means son..." (transgender much!), supervillain which is a tetora center but just an insane and important story overall for ryuseitai they all nearly die, and midori's center event, tropical. tropical is sort of an "ending" to midori's character arc, he is finally content in his role in ryuseitai, and recovered from his mental illness significantly. midori is at his autistic peak in that story, and its such an enjoyable read. they gave him zoloft. "i'll continue being devoted to my likes, and show the world the hero form that best defines me".

midori is my second fave character of all time, and my blorbo through and through. he helps me cope with my mental illness, since i bury myself in my interests to hide from it just like him. he is facing discomfort head on, and i want to do the same. i'd like to say i've recovered a good bit, and so has midori. recovery isn't linear, but i'm proud of the both of us. we both have tough days, and people around us who support us. i don't kin midori, but he's the enstars character who is most similar to me. that's why i like him so much, he inspires me to do my best everyday, and to lean on my loved ones when i need support. i am truly grateful he exists, and has grown up so well. i tiered to get his ring x bell card. i came in 1000th place and only got one copy but it was my first time tiering in enstars. i also finally have two copies of his dollhouse card. i got one on my birthday and the other on his birthday! i want as many copies as possible he needs to be a beast of a card. i am the number one midori fan i need more cards of my little guy immediately.

if you've read this far, good for you. i'm now going to present my gender and sexuality headcanons on midori. i think the ideal ship for him is with tetora and shinobu, and that's a correct opinion. a fact, even. i do also like some midori rarepairs like midori x tori and midori x tsukasa which i know im insane for. height difference goes crazy, but there's not really anyone with a similar height you could ship midori with. i hope not, at least. i guess the growing popularity of yuzumido is cute, but i'm not a big yuzuru fan for reasons i won't explain. ok, so you remember the quote from earlier, "a father who doesn't know how to repair the problematic relationship with his daughter... i mean son."? well, the daughter is midori. why would he think he's a daughter first? i think he is transgender. or genderfluid. he's my blorbo i can do whatever i want. usually i don't make transfem headcanons of canon men without someone transfem doing it first, but midori being a girl is a pretty popular headcanon. it's all because of that one quote. i don't understand most other transfem headcanons, but this one is really good. i also think he's bisexual as hell but no enstars character is straight. yay!!! look at his gay ass face