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debut or die
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welcome to the orv box.
here i can infodump about omniscient readers viewpoint to my hearts content. there will be links to read it here eventually, bc you will read it. its 1.2mil words long but thats not that bad ppl usually get very absorbed into it so it takes the average person a month to 2 months. it took me about 2 bc of executive dysfunction, and im a pretty fast reader. i finished the book a day before my birthday in 2021. it was the first knovel i ever read which sent me down a slippery slope of reading, it gave me so many diseases, and it can give you them too! read it read it read it read it read it. you can start with the webtoon (its pretty okay i'd say. the beginning can be slow so you can substitute parts with that) but the real fun is in the novel bc orv needs to be a webnovel, it cannot be any other medium. it is a love letter to literature in the form of literature

the plot
let me tell you about it. its about a man named kim dokja who is the sole reader of a really long and boring webnovel for ten years. when the novel finally finishes, it starts coming to life around him. he meets his comfort character who immediately tries to kill him but eventually is gay for him, he gets several children in the process, and "saves" the world while dying like 10 times. hes so pathetic i love him. hes bisexual, hes an absent father, hes a babygirl, he loves to kill himself for the greater good, hes god.

fave quotes
"eat the soil yoo joonghyuk."
"i am kim dokja! i received the blessing of christ!"
"it was a really great story, isn't that right?"
"i'm only good to people who are dead. i'm sorry we met when you are a living person."
"tell me you fool,"