welcome to the wonderful world of princess elise! pull up a chair and read all about them!

princess elise (aka justin, lemon, their royal highness, etc) is a weirdo teen from the usa who is trying their best to code. no, they're aren't actually royalty, this entire blog is just one big bit of theirs. they like to talk in third person, so expect that with a mix of first.

princess elise is mildly new to coding, they took a class on it in middle school and built a barebones website about loona. it got the teacher to listen to hi high but it wasn't elise's best work. now, inspired by mutuals who code, the elise has decided to return to coding, armed with the entire internet's worth of resources on their side. but why is it still so hard?!

age: not quite an adult, too close for comfort though.

pronouns: they, please! but lessen pronoun use and use elise's name instead when possible

favorite food: pasta with meat sauce or mac and cheese. favorite ice cream flavor is peanut butter cup

favorite game: bang dream girls band party (ask for fc)

favorite album:a flair for the dramatic by pierce the veil

favorite movie: the handmaiden

if we got into what my favorite animanga are, we'd be here all day. literally, if i was allowed to infodump for a full day i would do it. but, there will be other pages for that! links for those pages will be coming soon!

fun facts about the webmaster

they have 4 guinea pigs, as well as a dog and cat. the dogs a corgi while everyone else is a generic breed.

they love manga and manhwa and have read an unfortunate amount. elise's anime planet! it's not the most up to date, their majesty reads fast and they're just lazy tbh

they do art from time to time, they like to think it's pretty good but who are they to be unbiased. maybe there'll be an art page!

they also like to write but this website is about unabashed infodumping. this about page is unimportant you will see my anime boys whether you like it or not. isn't midori cute!

the princess has social medias, but they won't be linking them for now. if you know them from somewhere, they're waving at you!

they might also be called a prince, it depends on how they feel. life is hard when your title is a gendered term

most of this website was coded in the middle of the night while listening to vamjelseriter by necronomidol (this link opens spotify)

my testimonials/images page

scroll down to see my guestbook! go ahead and sign it if you like!

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EXTRA INFO: what characters elise sees themself in: tsukasa suou and [data expunged]
FAVE CHARACTERS: nico yazawa, midori takamine(its him on this page), yuki rurikawa, taichi nanao, kaoru seta, shinobu sengoku, lee jihye, raviel ivansia, masumi usui, epel felmier, park moondae, mitsuba sousuke, kasumi nakasu, lelouch lamperouge, touko nanami, lillie pkmn, etc.

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